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Chipped Teeeeeeth!

Things have been pretty all right lately. We’re about half way through writing our next album, and polishing up a couple songs for a quick pre-album ep release. These songs have teeth! We had the pleasure of meeting Ty Segall a couple weeks ago, and shamelessly gifted him our LP. He was genuine and pleasant, and as big fans it was a pleasure to meet him face to face. I’m thinking about making him a grimy fuzz pedal with some octave. And Lo has joined in on the musical-electronics enthusiasm as of late, as well! (She even made me a little synthesizer for my birthday, and it’s killer!) And to top it off, we did an interview with MySpace, and we’re on their front page today! Check that out!

P.S. Whilst sitting at a table at a secret show last week, Rusty passed me this little gem:


We are now THE MAY COMPANY!!!

That’s right. We changed our name. So it might be a little jumbled for a bit while we get the website, album cover, and social medias all re-titled. So bare with us. But we’ve got a lot of new releases and merch on the way. New music, too. Working on new t-shirts right now. What else do you want from us?


In The Studio Recording – bullyboywithaglasseye!

Hey, it’s me May with your May McDonough & Company update! We’re in phase II of recording our full length album- BULLYBOYWITHAGLASSEYE. Rhythm guitars, bass, and drums were completely tracked over the weekend. Tuesday we begin lead guitar and texture work. All in all, things are moving along at a rapid pace and we couldn’t be more excited. More importantly it’s all ready very apparent that the sound we were working towards is very present in the album. I mention that, because there is always a looming self-doubt in the music making process in which you wonder if you really sound the way you think you do. I suppose it’s a little like hearing your own voice on someone’s voice-mail. It can be unfamiliar, a little alarming, or (if your ego is composed mainly of tiny fragmented glass shards, like mine) the experience can be even sometimes earth shattering and spirit breaking. Not to mention the more people involved in the production of the music makes chances all the more likely that the sound you hear in your head won’t be realized exactly. But sure enough, this album is coming along very nicely- just retro enough to be a nod to our idols, just original enough to be a nod to our egos, and just raw enough to bind up our insecurities for another day. At least, that’s how I’m feeling. Maybe everyone will just think it’s cool. And it is. Anyhow, if everything goes to schedule we will release the album at the end of May 2014. Soon then!



Deli Mag has nominated us as emerging artist of the year! We’re incredibly psyched to be thrown in with a list of really great bands! You can vote to help us get featured in their magazine the week of SXSW Music Festival! Voting ends January 26th, take a second and vote now please!


“Three may be a crowd, or it may be good company, but it’s also the number of singles released by May McDonough & Company throughout 2013 in anticipation of their upcoming full length ‘bullyboywithaglasseye.’ Theirs is an enticing mix of pure psychedelia and 60s girl group pop. The group has an intensely experimental side, but manage to keep things tight and succinct whilst exploring all their groovy ideas. “Mannequin” displays the ever-present contrast between dark and light that broods underneath the sparkling pop elements in their songs, creating dense textures. There’s a playfulness that hints at rebellious danger, that keeps what could become repetitiously dour, light and fun. With each new single, there are new soundscapes and something new for the ears in every change-up.”

Secret Exclusive Show!!!

We’re playing a secret/exclusive event this Saturday with a bunch of great artists. If you would like to come/participate, you must rsvp by emailing to obtain the location and further information! Can’t wait to see you there!!!

(also if you can’t make it, we just booked a show at The Echo in February. Check our tour section for more details)

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