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Xiu Xiu talks with May McDonough

When I was eighteen years old, my boyfriend at the time Trevor was the merch-guy for the then less-famous-but-still-equally-polarizing experimental band Xiu Xiu. So one evening after a powerful show at The Smell where the excitement was palpable and human feces was prominent on the dance floor (why? i dont know, thats just the charm of The Smell), Jamie, Caralee, Trevor and I wandered into a Los Angeles Pay-to-Park, and mounted ourselves on the back of my volkswagen for an interview. I was still playing in my first band at the time, and even greener to the world of music journalism, and that nervousness nestled itself deeply into the pit of my vocal chords. Xiu Xiu was my favorite band, and I was still discovering my own identity as a songwriter and musician. The chance to interview Jamie was (in my fantasies) the linking of the great mentor and his new eager protegee. I asked questions I could learn from.

Ten years later, in the throws of a frantic move, I discovered this interview tape. I’ve purchased a cassette-to-mp3 converter so that I can share with you a very fond memory. In this interview, Jamie will talk about everything from his childhood to his musical inventions (i.e. The De La Cruz-aphone). The interview was meant for print in a new zine that never published. So until now, it has never seen the light of day. Forgive the sound quality, and forgive the random interaction with a homeless man who wanted us to pay him for his bag of cans. And Jamie, forgive me for never do anything with this interview until now.



This is How We Do It

Sorry we haven’t blogged any satirical essays in awhile. We unexpectedly had to move (by no fault of our own), we’ve each had some personal issues to deal with, and life happened. We did, however, get to record a new song this week. Expect a new single out next week! Keep on keep’n on.




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