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New Music: MANNEQUIN released today!!

Our new single MANNEQUIN is officially out today! If you like it please share it, and if you feel spendy it is available in all digital stores. But since you came all the way here, you can find it for free below!

Good at Riddles?

We went to The Make-Up reunion show this week and brought along something we made just for the occasion- a handmade, exclusive release ep of sorts. Good news is we still have a few left! So…..


We’re going to be at a number of shows and art events this month all over southern california, so get your ass out to your local cultural events and rocknroll shows, and if you see us just ask for the secret EP!
Hint for where we’ll be this week:

He’s not the first man, nor the second, a jack in white the desert beckons.

Get it?

MANNEQUIN release announcement!

Good news. Our new down n dirty track MANNEQUIN is coming out in one week! This album is a psychedelic change for us and we think you’re going to enjoy the trip! Until then, enjoy the cover artwork for the single and the lyrics!


Tell me what you want.
I know you’ve got a bone.
Did I hit the ground
before you cast your stone?
Iv’e been washing my new skeleton.
And I won’t let you underneath my skin
tearing me limb from limb.

I won’t be a mannequin mannequin for you!
Hand in plaster hand again hand again with you!
You’ve got some nerve this time.
Shame you ain’t got no spine!
Only your pantomime.

All of this hot air
is burning up my lungs.
I’ve swallowed your despair
and learned to bite my tongue.
I don’t know if I can hold my breathe.
But I won’t keep you from your pound of flesh.
Not going like the rest.

I won’t be a Mannequin Mannequin for you!
Hand in plaster hand again hand again with you!
You’ve got some nerve this time.
(and now you’ve crossed the line)
Shame you ain’t got no spine.
Only your pantomime.

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