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Famous Feces & The Meaning of Life

Some days I think the universe seems to be paying closer attention to detail. If you want evidence that the world is an ordered reality, just think of August 8th- the glorious day that the Dave Matthews Band Tour Bus dumped a full load of excrement off a bridge and onto a passing tour boat floating down the river below, drenching men, senior citizens, and pregnant women all with ripe, wet, famous feces. The day that the Dave Matthews Band literally shit on the public. That day is proof that the universe is a poignantly meaaningful place. Perhaps not predestined, perhaps not governed, but conscious to the core. I like to think that day was a gift from the universe to me, specifically. That day, I turned on the news, watched the splendid story and thought “Hm, maybe I did something right with my life. Maybe I helped someone along the way. Maybe I am a good person.” That day was such a rare moment of universal justice that my friend Joe Allen (California Condors) and I consider it our own personal holiday; a victory for our tiny little hearts and heavy brains.

But the truth is, life isn’t really about fair, or deserve, or luck. It’s not the universe’s job, or a god’s job, or even a famous person’s job to teach me how to live. And frankly, if it was, I would think it an even more dangerous and vulnerable place… (i.e. a world entirely inspired by Nicki Manage, is a world I can not bare to imagine.) Life is about finding a reason to live. The quickest and best way to do that, is to make your own reason. You pick one, and you do it. It shouldn’t be about fearing some ultimate damnation, or earning some ethereal reward. In fact, morality, meaning, and good should having nothing to do with prize and punishment. These are all concepts we use to govern ourselves- to improve quality of life and ensure that it is possible to get some joy out of it, despite the infinite causes for the contrary. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your system, whatever your vantage point, fulfillment always rests in the same timeless notions of kindness and creation. You’ve got to do what you choose to do, and it’s usually easier with compassion. AND I’d like to think that everyone gets a little famous feces along the way.

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