May McDonough & Company

    Chipped Teeeeeeth!

    Things have been pretty all right lately. We're about half way through writing our next album, and polishing up a couple songs for a quick pre-album ep release. These songs have teeth! We had the pleasure of meeting Ty Segall a couple weeks ago, and shamelessly gifted him our LP. He was genuine and pleasant, and as big fans it was a pleasure to meet him face to face. I'm thinking about making him a grimy fuzz pedal with some octave. And Lo has joined in on the musical-electronics enthusiasm as of late, as well! (She even made me a little synthesizer for my birthday, and it's killer!) And to top it off, we did an interview with MySpace, and we're on their front page today! Check that out!
    P.S. Whilst sitting at a table at a secret show last week, Rusty passed me this little gem: